Municipality of South Corfu: New Deputy Mayors

Municipality of South Corfu: New Deputy Mayors

LEFKIMMI. Mayor of South Corfu Kostas Lessis has announced the names of the four Deputy Mayors and two representative Town Councillors.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2019

The new appointments are as follows:

Socrates Andriotis - Deputy Mayor for Administrative Services and Social Welfare

Giorgos Sayias - Deputy Mayor for Daily Life Issues, Technical Services, Alternative Mayor

Antonis Vlassis - Deputy Mayor for Cleansing, Green Services and Lighting

Nikos Kourtesis  - Deputy Mayor for Culture, Sport, Tourism, Primary Production and representative for Korission District

Nikolaos Bogdos - Representative Councillor for Meliteion District

Konstantinos Plaskasovitis - Representative Councillor for Lefkimmi District and Recycling