CulturePolis: Online survey of public opinion

CulturePolis: Online survey of public opinion

CORFU (CulturePolis). Survey regarding digital transformation into a Smart City and the expansion of new technologies in everyday life and how this affects our lives as citizens.

Μαρτίου / 2023

(CulturePolis) What are technology companies doing with my personal data? What does Digital Transformation mean? Is there citizen participation in the municipality's planning?

If you have thought about some of the above questions, then keep reading.

The survey is addressed to YOU, the citizens of the Ionian Islands and artists from all over the country, and invites you to express your opinions and desires regarding the digital transformation of your location into a Smart City, the expansion of new technologies in your daily life, and how this affects your life as citizens.

Your answers will help us better understand your needs so that specific proposals can be made to the municipalities of the region and the cities of the future can be designed "with us - for us".

Duration of survey: 15-30 March, 2023


I am an artist
I am a citizen
I am a decision maker

Maria-Louiza Laopodi

6937 010 294
[email protected] 

The Online Public Opinion Survey is part of the project "DIALOG CITY - A holistic approach to a digital cultural infrastructure in European cities" which develops new practices for connecting digital innovation with the physical participation of citizens and aims to increase access to culture through an interactive approach.

It is co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe programme and involves 7 partners from 5 European countries. In Greece, the project is implemented by the non-profit urban company CulturePolis, based in Corfu.