Corfu Hospital΄s Digital Services platform up and running

Corfu Hospital΄s Digital Services platform up and running

CORFU. Citizens and hospital employees have the opportunity to receive 29 different digital services quickly and easily, using just their taxisnet codes.

Νοεμβρίου / 2022

The Corfu Hospital's new digital services platform ( is now available.
Citizens and hospital employees have the opportunity to receive 29 different digital services quickly and easily and be informed online through the platform, using just their taxisnet codes.
The procedure
In order to use the platform, one should do the following steps:
1. Login to:
2. Use their personal taxisnet codes.
3. Select the desired digital service.
4. Fill in the necessary fields and attach the necessary supporting documents.
5. Select 'Οριστική Υποβολή' (Final submission).
The application is checked by the responsible hospital service and if it is complete, the digitally signed certificate is posted in the system and there is an email notification. If there is anything missing or there are any errors found in the application, it is returned with an indication of the changes to be made and there is no need to fill in the whole application again.
The digital services already available on the platform are the following:
For citizens

1. Copy of the admission and discharge documents
2. Copy of laboratory examinations
3. Copy of an MRI scan, CT scan and x-ray
4. Copy of the whole medical record
5. Certificate of hospitalisation expenses
6. Certificate of hospitalisation
7. Medical report
8. Certificate of examination in the Emergency Department
9. Other medical certificate
10. Application for compensation for examination at an outpatient clinic
11. Send a thank you Letter
12. Submit a complaint
For hospital employees

1. Application for recognition of Master's or Doctoral degree
2. Application for recognition of work experience
3. Application for renewal of resident doctor's contract extension
4. Application for revocation of pension
5. Application for approval of private practice
6. Application to be informed of the rest of leaves
7. Application for completion of internship at the hospital
8. Application for resident doctor's contract extension
9. Application for internship
10. Application to the nursing service
11. Application to the hospital administration
12. Application for family allowance
13. Application for certificate of staff status
14. Certificate of length of service and remuneration
15. Certificate of different positions in the public sector
16. Granting of leave
17. Granting of certificate for completion of internship
The aim of the hospital's administration is to include in the platform all the services that a citizen or a hospital employee can receive online, making their daily life easier by reducing bureaucracy and inconvenience.
The Corfu Hospital Director Leonidas Roubatis stated the following: "Corfu General Hospital continues its digital transformation, making it easier and faster to serve citizens.
With this platform we significantly enhance the online service for citizens, so that we can beat bureaucracy."