Samples collected at Temploni so far are ΄clean΄

Samples collected at Temploni so far are ΄clean΄

CORFU. A team from the National Research Centre will be coming again to continue the inspection - Water samples will be taken from ten locations including two DIADEYAK wells.

Νοεμβρίου / 2022

At a press conference Deputy Regional Governor Spyros Ioannou gave reassurances regarding the results from samples collected so far by the team from 'Demokritos' National Research Centre from a 5km radius around Temploni landfill.

Inspections began in September 2021 with analyses being made of the atmosphere, livestock and underground and surface water.

Local residents had asked specialists to conduct inspections in 2020 and their analyses showed that there was an environmental impact with heavy metals in agricultural products, especially olive oil. Because of these results the residents have expressed their doubts about the 'reassuring' results from Demokritos.

Third and fourth stages

Having received the new analyses today, Spyros Ioannou gave an update on the progress to date of the sample collections. "The project consists of six sets of results and the Regional Authority has already received the results of the first two sets of samples from the atmosphere," he said. "We are now receiving the results from the third and fourth stages, which involve chemical analyses of underground and surface water at two separate times - the first was on 5 September 2021 and the second will be conducted now.

"According to the latest update we had last week from the head of the Demokritos team Professor Leontiadis, the results of the chemical analyses will be announced following this second collection of samples."

Meat, eggs and olive oil

"Samples will be collected not only from surface and underground water," said Mr. Ioannou, "but also from the atmosphere, sheep and goat milk, sheep and goat meat, pigs, poultry, eggs and olive oil. This is the third and important stage of the inspection to be absolutely certain - as we are from the initial analyses - that there has not been any environmental impact on the area.

"Some local residents have their doubts and concerns based on a previous inspection, which didn't go into as much depth and wasn't as wide-ranging as the one being conducted now, but we will prove that there are absolutely no problems in the area."

The Demokritos team will be coming back here today following a teleconference with all the regional bodies involved with livestock, primary produce, the environment and health, who will also be accompanying the team from the National Research Centre.

Water samples will be taken from ten locations including two DIADEYAK wells.

Four months

Spyros Ioannou added: "Regarding the first samples collected, Demokritos has allowed us to state before the final comparative analysis of the two periods of time is that no special evidence has been found from the first set of samples.

The chemical analyses will be completed in the next three or four months and when we have the full report it will be announced."