Tourist season in full swing in August

Tourist season in full swing in August

CORFU. 773 international flight arrivals in just the first 10 days of August. Corfu will be full of visitors for St. Spyridon΄s Day on 11 August.

Aυγούστου / 2022

The tourist season is at its peak in Corfu and back to how it was pre-COVID. Hotels and rental accommodation are full of international visitors and Greeks on holiday for the 15th August break can be seen everywhere.

Corfu will be full for St. Spyridon Day on 11 August. Data from the airport shows that there were 773 international flight arrivals in the first ten days of the month, including 227 from the UK, 119 from Germany and 105 from Italy, with flight occupancy rates at 85-95%. All the indications are that August will have even higher numbers than 2019.

According the President of Corfu Civil Aviation Employees Union Dimitris Roussos, the first two months of summer have already been better than the same months in 2019 with an all-time record in July.

In June there were 1,827 international flights, in July 2,360 and there have been 773 in the first ten days of August, leading to the expectation that the final number will be higher than the 2,200 in 2019. 76 international flights are scheduled for tomorrow alone.

Domestic flights

Domestic flights are also full on both airlines. If anyone wants to fly from Athens to Corfu today, for example, only business class seats are available on one airline at a price of €217.

Ferry services

The number of ferry services has increased at Corfu and Igoumenitsa Ports for the period 9 August to 3 September. Between 09:30 and 16:00 there are ferries every 30 minutes.

100% occupancy

Occupancy rates at hotels and rental accommodation are at 100% and it is extremely difficult for anyone to find rooms at the last minute unless there are cancellations. "We always have larger numbers in August," the President of Corfu Federation of Tourist Accommodation Owners Pericles Katsaros told Enimerosi. "We hope that the season will continue to the end of October. There are bookings for the next two months but the numbers vary from area to area." He added that accommodation owners are happy with the number of visitors but the real income will be clear at the end of the season when the expenses, which are vastly increased this year, are taken into account.

Hoteliers are also happy with the way things have gone this year. "There are a lot of visitors to Corfu," said the Vice-President of Corfu Hoteliers' Association Spyros Rokkas. "All the properties are full and, as usual at this time of year, there are also a lot of Greeks."

He added that they are happy with bookings for September although numbers are lower for October. He believes, however, that this will change and the high numbers will continue in the next two months.

Mr. Rokkas recommends that visitors be extra careful as there have been cases of double bookings both in Corfu Town and Moraitika.