Record arrivals at Corfu Airport in June - Large number of delays

Record arrivals at Corfu Airport in June - Large number of delays

CORFU. High flight occupancy - Airlines understaffed

Ιουνίου / 2022

The number of international flight arrivals is exceeding even those from the pre-pandemic period but scenes at Corfu Airport are similar to those at large foreign airports due to understaffing of airlines.

Due to understaffing, airlines and airport services are finding it difficult to handle the huge numbers of passengers following the lifting of most COVID measures. Workers at several foreign airlines are holding protests leading to scenes of chaos at some of the largest European airports.


There have been 1,827 flight arrivals from Europe in June, with 67 today - the last day of the month.

This is much higher than the 1,700 recorded in the same month in 2019 and slightly better than 2018, which was the best year. With high seat occupancy rates on the flights it is expected that the final number of passenger arrivals will be higher than the 250,000 recorded in June 2019.

"The levels of seat occupancy on the planes is high - most of them higher than 90%, with a few at 70-80%," Corfu Civil Aviation Employees Union President Dimitris Roussos told Enimerosi.

UK remains top of the list

According to data which he publishes regularly, the UK remains top of the list with 600 flights compared to 341 from Germany. Italy follows with 178, Poland with 134 and France is fifth with 92 flights.

Flights have also started arriving from Scandinavia - 27 from Sweden, 8 from Norway and 8 from Finland.

Flight delays

According to Dimitris Roussos, however, there were a lot of delays this month with flights being delayed due to the problem of understaffing at European airports and airlines, which is also having an effect on Corfu Airport.


"Understaffing at nearly all of the airlines operating at Corfu Airport has already created a lot of problems, combined with COVID cases forcing employees to stay off work," said Dimitris Roussos.

"We hope that all workers will be able to handle the difficult work they face and, at the same time, hope that the airlines will increase pay as soon as possible and hold on to their employees so that we can avoid the scenes we are seeing - which will probably get worse if they don't take immediate action!"