Alipas Marina in Paleokastritsa now open

Alipas Marina in Paleokastritsa now open

Photo: Enimerosi archive

CORFU. Deputy Mayor for Tourism: "It is one of the few licensed marinas in Greece - It is licensed for all uses."

Ιουνίου / 2022

Alipas Marina in Paleokastritsa is operational from today after being granted a licence by the Ministry of Tourism yesterday.

The Ministry announced in its decision that is granting a Partial Operating Licence for the following areas and facilities:

- The sea zone for the mooring of boats at permanent and floating jetties.

- The land zone for public access, bathroom facilities, storage tanks and pumps, fire hydrants and parking areas.

The marina has been leased to Home Center Management 1 IKE, with the contract having been signed on 4 October, 2021.

Marina operational from today

"All the necessary work for the marina to operate was completed two weeks ago," Deputy Mayor for Tourism Panayiotis Varouchas told Enimerosi. "But it hadn't yet been granted a licence, which Corfu Central Corfu Authority placed great importance on. We applied a lot of pressure and finally the licence was granted by the Ministry of Tourism yesterday." Mr. Varouchas added that It is one of the few licensed marinas in Greece.

"So now all the professionals operating at the harbour - and there are a lot of them - have been licensed. There are 60 large day-trip vessels, two 'submarines' which take tourists on guided tours and approximately 200 rental boats. Up to now the situation was out of control, resulting in dozens of complaints being received by the Port Authority.

"There are now provisions for all activities, even for amateur fishermen who want to use the slipway to put their boats in the sea, which will cost €5 as opposed to the €35-40 it costs elsewhere. It will cost the day-trip vessels €12 - the price of one ticket for their customers.

"There is even provision for arrivals and departures without mooring."

Everyone in favour

"All the arrangements were made after holding innumerable discussions with the professionals in the area and 98% of them wanted to see proper organisation instead of the anarchy that existed previously," the Deputy Mayor said.

"We set aside 12 berths for professional fishermen. 18 expressed an interest and so the committee decided to give priority to those whose sole profession was fishing. There were just ten of them and so we had an extra two berths."

Licence in the name of the Municipality

"It is important to point out that the operating licence, which is indefinite, is in the name of Central Corfu Municipality and not the lessee," Panayiotis Varouchas said.

Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou said: "Following months-long and intense efforts, we have been granted an operating licence for Alipas Marina and that for Benitses Marina will follow in a few days. We would like to thank the Minister Mr. Kikilias, the Deputy Minister Ms. Zaharaki as well as the General Secretary Ms. Anastasopoulou and Supervisor Ms. Dionysopoulou for their assistance and close cooperation."