Actors to recite 13 passages for 13 murdered women

Actors to recite 13 passages for 13 murdered women

Liana Tsiridou

CORFU. Recitals of passages written by Liana Tsiridou and performances in Annunziata Square for International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

The Municipal & Regional Theatre Association and 'Nikos Moros' Addiction and Psychsocial Health Centre are organising events in Corfu Town for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November.

There will be performances in the historic centre of the town, beginning in Annunziata Square, with 13 actors taking part - corresponding to the 13 women that have recently been murdered in Greece. The performances will take place 12:00-13:30 and 17:30-18:30.

13 passages written by the author Liana Tsiridou will be recited and broadcast on Corfu radio stations. The increasing number of cases of violence against and murder of women in our country and worldwide along with the dramatic consequences of isolation due to the pandemic give a different meaning to the international day this year.

The need for prevention has become even more important. The programme of prevention and protection from domestic violence and mental health in general demands even greater support along with the development of personal and collective responsibility for equal and functional relationships.

The Municipal & Regional Theatre Association Artistic Director Barbara Douka is artistic coordinator of the events.

The list of women murdered in Greece this year is as follows:

1. Chania - Vassiliki, 54 - February
2. Makrinitsa - Konstantina, 28 - April
3. Glyka Nera, Athens - Caroline, 20 - May
4. Agia Barbara, Athens - Eleni, 64 - June
5. Folegandros - Garyfallia, 26 - July
6. Dafni - Anna, 31 - August
7. Larissa - Mother of 3 children, 43 - August
8. Rethymnon - Stavroula, 47 - August
9. Thessaloniki - Eleni, 55 - August
10. Kyparissia - Monika, 42 - September
11. Rhodes - Dora, 32 - September
12. Ierapetra - Nektaria, 48 - October
13. Argolida - Woman with Alzheimer's, 75 - October

- Acts of violence are most frequently committed by partners. One in three women will, at some point, be beaten, raped or abused in some way by her partner.

- Half of the women who have been murdered were killed by their present or ex husband or partner.

- One in five women will, at some point, be victims of rape or attempted rape.

- Women in the 15-44 age group are more at risk of rape or domestic violence than they are of cancer, a road accident, war or malaria.

- 130 million women and girls have been victims of genital mutilation.

- 2 million girls a year are at risk of suffering genital mutilation.

- 40-50% of women in the EU have reported some form of sexual harassment at their place of work.

- 55-95% of women who are victims of domestic violence do not report it.