South Corfu Laiki Syspirosi party issues statement regarding terrible condition of school buildings

South Corfu Laiki Syspirosi party issues statement regarding terrible condition of school buildings

Perivoli Nursery / Facebook

CORFU. The South Corfu Municipality school buildings are in poor condition, with a few exceptions.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

The Laiki Syspirosi party issued a statement regarding the terrible condition of the South Corfu school buildings:
The school is the place where children spend 5, 6, 7, 8 hours of the day, where they learn, play, do sports, make friends, learn how to be part of a team and socialise.
The conditions in which they do all these are, therefore, very important. Children are the future. That is why they need their school to belong to the future and not the past.
The South Corfu Municipality school buildings are in terrible condition, with very few exceptions. The interventions and repairs that the Municipality has made this year in some schools that were in a poor condition and were not safe, does not change the general condition. And even in these schools (Argyrades Junior High and High School, Perivoli Elementary School, Neohori Elementary School) much more needs to be done.
However, Kindergartens are the ones in the most terrible condition. Τhey almost remind of schools of the distant past.

Strongili Kindergarten
At first, the building looks good. But, when it rained, it was found that water is dripping inside. The yard is made of concrete, resulting in children being constantly injured. The playground reminds the ones of the 1970s – gravel paving with one broken swing and one made from a car tire. There is no shade available and the children eat in the classroom.
Episkopiana Kindergarten
There is a yard made of concrete slabs. There is no shade available and no toys. There is fencing with iron bars and the children eat in the classroom.
Perivoli Nursery
The kitchen is in a terrible condition and old-fashioned. A huge piece of plaster has fallen from the ceiling and another section is about to fall. The windows are rotten. The doors from the toilets and the frames are also rotten. The porch canopy was rotted and it fell. The playground is awful, with broken playground equipment and gravel paving. Again, there is no shade.

Perivoli Elementary School
It got a bit tidied up, but it has old doors and windows that need to be replaced with modern ones.
Vitalades Kindergarten
There is a yard with cement and concrete slabs. There are only a few toys and no shade available.
Neohori Kindergarten
A very small classroom space. A small yard with cement and concrete slabs and fenced with wire mesh – it looks like a chicken coop yard. There is no shade available, no toys and the children eat in the classroom.
Neohori Primary School
The building has not been painted in years. The toilets have rotten doors.
Agios Mathaios Primary School
Half the yard is in poor condition. It reminds of the 1960s–1970s (gravel, traces of asphalt). The roof is made of sheet metal over the slab. It has rotted, the concrete of the slab becomes wet and creates damp. Also, during the spring months, it makes the building very hot.
Agios Mathaios Kindergarten
The yard is in a terrible condition (dirt, gravel, broken and dangerous playground equipment, fencing with wide iron bars that a child can walk through). In winter, they cannot open the windows, because water gets inside. There is no shade available and the children eat in the classroom.
Agios Mathaios Nursery
New building – at first glance it looks modern. The schoolyard looks like a field. There is no shade available, so the children cannot go outside in the summer months. The building needs exterior maintenance. The balcony on the first floor has fencing with wide pillars, which are dangerous for children. They forgot to connect the kitchen drain to the main drain. The basement is unfinished. It has no ceilings and no paving. There is also an unfinished events hall in the basement.
Petriti Kindergarten
Very small yard with concrete slabs. There are no toys and the children eat in the classroom. There are also no toilets for the teachers.
Petriti Primary School
The surrounding area is a field. There is no water drainage. The cesspool floods, while most of the columns are destroyed. A static analysis is required.
Melikia Kindergarten
There are no toys. The playground area is empty and abandoned without any playground equipment – just a field.
Melikia Primary School
There is the chronic problem of the basement that floods (boiler room).
Riglades Primary School
The yard is in poor condition and water is dripping from the roof window.
Argyrades Kindergarten
There is one room of 30 sq.m. for 20 children. That is where they eat, where they play when the weather is not good and where they sleep. In the schoolyard, made of concrete, there is no playground equipment.
Lefkimmi Junior High and High School
The classrooms have not been painted and there has been no maintenance work for over 30 years.
Argyrades Junior High and High School
Repairs were half done. There is a list with more than 30 requests.
Most nurseries and kindergartens are unsuitable. The Municipal Council must demand sufficient funding in order to solve the schools’ basic problems for their safe and decent operation and, at the same time, demand that solutions be found to ensure that schools, kindergartens and nurseries will be based on modern needs.
Parents, as well as the people, must draw conclusions about those who have exercised and are exercising power, throughout the years, either at central or local level. The interest they show and the money they have for education or even for the older people show their policy orientation. They show what they mean when they talk about development that will bring prosperity for all. A word we have been hearing for decades, but schools are still in the 1980s. This capitalist system from wherever you expose it, it stinks, it is rotten, it cannot be fixed, it must be overturned.
Laiki Syspirosi Councillors will continue to show that to the people, through the Municipalities and the District. They will demand solutions based on the current needs of the people and not those that their rotten system can ‘afford’.