΄Ballos΄ destroyed South Corfu’s infrastructure

΄Ballos΄ destroyed South Corfu’s infrastructure

CORFU. Damage to tourist businesses and shops estimated to be more than €200-300m.

Οκτωβρίου / 2021

'Ballos' storm destroyed South Corfu’s municipal infrastructure, tourist businesses and residences and caused inestimable damage.
The road network, water supply and sewerage system and electricity, all suffered immense damage due to the extreme weather conditions that hit Corfu last Thursday. Mayor Kostas Lessis told Enimerosi that the road network has suffered the biggest damage and, in particular, in the areas of Moraitika, Messonghi, Ano and Kato Pavliana, Pentati, Ag. Matthaios and, to a lesser extent, in other areas of the region.

The recording of damage continues
The recording of the damage continues in the affected areas, both by an Ionian Islands Region team and the South Corfu Municipality, in order to make immediate interventions and restore the infrastructure hit by ‘Ballos’.
According to South Corfu Mayor Kostas Lessis, three municipal crews are recording the damage, in order to calculate the cost that is necessary for the interventions to be made. He also said that they have requested the support of the state.
“We have never experienced anything like this before. We are seeing infrastructure, such as the road network, water supply and sewerage system and electricity, being destroyed. In Messonghi the road is gone, the hotel and the supermarkets were flooded, dozens of cars were destroyed, while in Pentati there had been landslides. Minister for the Interior Stelios Petsas said he will do something about it,” said Mr Lessis.

Poor quality projects
Mr. Lessis also noted that the disaster revealed the “poor quality projects” that were done before he became Mayor, since they proved unsuccessful. “We need to review them. For example, projects on the rural road network, rainwater management, etc.”
According to him, extensive damage has been caused to tourist businesses and shops in Messonghi and Moraitika by the water that came rushing down the street and by the mud that “drowned” the areas, estimating that the damage exceeds €200-300m. It should be reminded that people whose businesses were affected can contact the Corfu Regional Unit (2661362300-1) to declare the damage.
At the same time, as Mr. Lessis told Enimerosi, there are continuous requests from citizens for residences damaged by the extreme weather conditions that occurred on Thursday 14 October. Such an example would be the mountain landslide in Ano Pavliana, where a house was completely destroyed. It should be reminded that the South Corfu citizens can call 26623 60406 to declare any damage their houses have suffered, while they should have available photos or videos.
Rodi Kratsa, Meropi Ydraiou and MPs inspected the areas
On Sunday, a team of the Ionian Islands Region headed by the Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa inspected the areas of Central and South Corfu affected by ‘Ballos’.
The Ionian Islands Regional Governor stressed that there is a need for a large-scale study on flood prevention (based on the new data formed by the new climate conditions) and specialised intervention, which will be requested by the responsible Ministry. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Professor of Dynamic Tectonic Applied Geology and Natural Disaster Management at Athens University Efthymios Lekkas is expected to be in Corfu today.
Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas, Corfu SYRIZA MP Alexandros Avlonitis and Corfu KKE (Communist party) MP Nikos Karathanasopoulos also inspected the areas. At the same time, Central Corfu and Dipontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou visited the areas in Central Corfu, where soldiers and sailors helped repair the damage and reopen the roads.

Afra bridge remains closed
Meanwhile, Afra bridge is still closed following the problems caused by the recent storm. There was a subsidence to the bridge and, therefore, the bridge remains closed for safety reasons.