Coach Pavlos Skordilis: “We want to thank the Corfu Port Authority for this great contribution”

Coach Pavlos Skordilis: “We want to thank the Corfu Port Authority for this great contribution”

Top athletics coach Pavlos Skordilis talked to Enimerosi.

Οκτωβρίου / 2021

CORFU. Pavlos Skordilis has coached great athletes, some of which are among the top athletes of Europe or even the world and take first places in both Greece and the Balkans and throughout the years he has received major recognition.

In 2021 he was preparing - among others - pole vaulter Iro Vradi to go to the European Under-18 Championships and the World Under-20 Championships; two very high targets, which had to be reached without the proper equipment, i.e. the poles. Nevertheless, she was able to qualify for the European Championships, but, unfortunately, she did not take part due to Covid-19, while at the World Under-20 Championships the 17-year-old Corfu athlete did not reach the limit.

Overall, it was an excellent year that could have been even better if she had the poles. It is worth mentioning that in June she went to competitions with poles that the Olympic gold medallist Katerina Stefanidi had given to her.

They had to appeal to the Corfu Port Authority board for support – which, fortunately, they gave. Iro Vradi received five poles and now she has the all the necessary “tools” to prepare for next year.

She and her coach publicly thanked the Corfu Port Authority for its great contribution.
Pavlos Skordilis told Enimerosi:

“Corfu Port Authority’s contribution was very important. We met in June with a representative, he listened to our request, we explained that we were lacking poles and that, even though Iro reached 3.95m and had reached the limit for the European Championships, they were cancelled. Unfortunately, she did not reach 4m in order to go to the World Championships.

The main reason was the lack of poles to be able to prepare. Let's not forget that Stefanidi gave us poles, since we did not have any.

The donation of 5 poles is amazing and we want to give warm thanks to the Corfu Port Authority”.

We asked him what he was planning next and he told us that “These poles are necessary so that we can also work on the technical part during the winter, even though we are aware of the problems we are facing due to the lack of an indoor training centre.

We are planning two preparations outside Corfu, along with Konstantina Romaiou. Finally, we hope that Corfu Port Authority’s contribution will set an example for others as well”.

Iro Vradi, was very happy and thanked Corfu Port Authority for its donation and promised to work hard in order to have the best possible results this new season.