Memorandum of Cooperation between Ministry of Tourism, Ionian Islands Region and Ionian University

Memorandum of Cooperation between Ministry of Tourism, Ionian Islands Region and Ionian University

CORFU. A memorandum of cooperation was signed by the Ionian Islands Region, the Ionian University and the Ministry of Tourism, as part of the Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zaharaki’s visit to Corfu.

Ιουλίου / 2021

The signing of the memorandum took place at the headquarters of the Ionian Islands Regional Administration in Alykes.

The memorandum of cooperation has the following objectives as part of a framework of promoting special forms of tourism and providing tourism education in the country:

1) Design and support of the implementation of training and digital skills development programmes for executives in the tourism sector.

2) Provision of specialised training programmes for executives in fields such as digital marketing, digital transformation, green management and circular and creative economy with emphasis on the field of tourism in general but also on the different forms, characteristics and potential of thematic tourism.

3) Design of hospitality training programmes specifying the appropriate skills for different tourism sectors and jobs in the tourist market and in the modern services sector.

4) Conducting surveys and studies to identify the education and training needs of different tourism bodies (tourist agencies, hotels, catering establishments, transport) leading to their transformation in the digital environment, circular economy and sustainable tourism.

5) Development of a digital platform by the Ionian University and the Ionian Islands Region for businesses operating in the cultural and creative industries (Creative Economy) in the Ionian Islands Region. The aim is to map out the sector, identify and promote businesses and allow them to connect with other entities for the development of collaborative products and services as well as for the digital promotion of their products and services in domestic and foreign markets.

6) Collection and processing of data and provision of proposals for the development potential at a regional level and at the level of individual islands of specific forms of tourism, such as marine tourism, culinary tourism, conference tourism, health and wellness tourism, etc.

To fulfil the objectives and actions arising from this memorandum, the parties undertake in particular:

(a) the development of agreements, which will detail the subject, responsibilities, timetable, etc. for the collaboration concerned,

(b) the setting up of working groups and the organisation of meetings in order to exchange information and knowledge,

(c) the undertaking of any other action which facilitates and promotes cooperation between the two parties.