Dumped mattresses being collected in North Corfu

Dumped mattresses being collected in North Corfu

Photo: Pagi Recycling Centre

CORFU. For years now at the start of every tourist season when tourist accommodation is being refurbished mattresses are dumped at the side of the road and left to rot.

Απριλίου / 2021

This year, with the help of Pagi Green Spot and the support of North Corfu Municipality, a large number of these mattresses are being collected without ending up in Temploni landfill and getting rid of the ugly sights at the side of the island's roads.

All that is required is for people to act responsibly and call the responsible authority to come and remove their old mattresses.

Pagi Green Spot said in a statement: "Thanks to North Corfu Municipality's sense of responsibility and with the help of Pagi Green Spot, Deputy Mayor Spyridoula Kokkali and Kosmas Vassilas, who is responsible for waste management in North Corfu, are fully prepared to ensure that the ugly sights of recent years aren't repeated.

On Thursday morning Socrates Romeos spoke with Spyros Payiatakis, who is responsible for Pagi Green Spot, for 20 old mattresses to be removed. He only had to wait 2 - 3 hours for the municipal van to come and collect them.

Another positive action to counter people's scepticism towards the responsible authorities, who cooperate fully as long as we are willing to ask for their help.

Don't forget - for bulky and heavy objects just call Deputy Mayor Ms. Kokkali at 6978 614699 or Mr. Vassilas at 6978 331947."