Corfu 3rd Junior High School travels ΄virtually΄ to Florence with Erasmus

Corfu 3rd Junior High School travels ΄virtually΄ to Florence with Erasmus

CORFU. The virtual visit to Florence took place from 5 - 9 April as part of the Erasmus+ KA1 programme "Breaking the barriers, approaching Europe".

Απριλίου / 2021

The school was represented by the headmaster Miltiades Melissas, electrical engineer, and teachers Athanasia Kavvadia and Vassiliki Katsika.

The educators took part in a seminar "Digital means - the class of the future" from the European educational organisation Europass Teacher Academy, which has been specially designed for teachers who wish to update themselves on the practical use of the new digital tool (Web 2.0) for education.

The teachers learned to speak the 'same language' as the new generation of pupils, which has been created in recent years, and gain a common code of communication for more efficient communication and teaching techniques that make up the 'digital class of the future'.

The European experience gained by the teachers was unique and they had the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices in education and the new digital world with Italian colleagues.

The teachers who took part in the seminar will share with the other teachers at the school their learnings about teaching methods so that they can all establish new learning opportunities for the pupils.