Cruises many not recommence until August or September - or even 2021!

Cruises many not recommence until August or September - or even 2021!

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NEW YORK. All the indications are that perhaps the cruises will be hit hardest this year as their recommencement continues to be pushed back. See the latest announcements from some of the cruise companies.

Μαΐου / 2020

Virgin Voyages is postponing the recommencement of cruises until October, contrary to a recent announcement that it would begin in August. "We worked hard to find a way of starting in August but it didn't prove possible," the company stated. "As things stand, our first cruise is planned for 16 October, 2020 and we have rescheduled Richard's Birthday Bash for 14 July, 2021."

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is postponing the recommencement of cruises until 31 July and has cancelled all cruises scheduled for July for its whole fleet.

Royal Caribbean has cancelled all its July cruises and is now planning to start on 1 August.

Windstar Cruises announced on Thursday that the 'Wind Spirit' with 148 passengers will be the first of its ships to sail. The cruise ship will set off for Tahiti on 3 September., 2020.

The 'Wind Surf' will set sail for the Caribbean on 29 November, 2020 and will come to the Mediterranean in April, 2021.

The 'Wind Star' will recommence on 16 January, 2021, when it sets sail for Costa Rica and the Panama Canal before coming to the Mediterranean in April 2021.

The 'Star Breeze' will cruise in the Mediterranean from 27 October, 2020 before sailing for the Caribbean in December, 2020 to take over cruises from the 'Star Legend' and 'Star Pride'.

Due to delays at the Italian shipyards, some of the cruises with the 'Star Legend' have been cancelled and some will be taken over by the' Star Breeze'. The 'Star Legend will start cruising in the Mediterranean on 1 March, 2021 and will take on some cruises that had been scheduled for the 'Star Pride'.

Similar announcements have been coming from companies organising cruises around the world.