Online petition demanding that the "Beast of Kavos" be put back in prison

Online petition demanding that the

UK. The release of the "Beast of Kavos" is again being talked about in the British media and an online petition has been set up demanding that he be put back in prison.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2019

In 2010 Dimitris Aspiotis attacked at least six women and, having taken them into a wood, raped them at knifepoint. He was sent to prison then for the second time - in 2007 he had been convicted of the rape of three women between 1997 and 2005. He was released in 2010 and within a few weeks attacked once again.

in 2012 he was given a 52-year prison sentence for the six rapes - meaning that he would be incarcerated until well into his old age. He was, however, released after six years due to the new Paraskevopoulos law - causing an outcry in Corfu and in Britain as most of the victims were British.

Due to this outcry, Corfu tourist accommodation owners asked for the National Tourist Organisation (EOT) to intervene to counteract the negative image of the island that had been generated. EOT responded to their appeal saying that in coming weeks they would take steps "that will significantly improve the negative image".

Meanwhile, a British air steward appeared on a morning show on ITV claiming that she had been one of his victims and the matter has now come to the forefront once more in the mass media.