Wednesday 29.05.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


15 May 2024 / 16:11
76,000 international passenger arrivals at Corfu Airport in April

CORFU. There was an increase in passenger traffic and international arrivals last month, according to the official data from Fraport.

10 May 2024 / 14:30
11.6% increase in international flight bookings to Corfu this year

CORFU. According to data from INSETE for this year, the number of bookings is 2,189,010 compared to 1,961,995 in 2023.

09 May 2024 / 17:22
€1m revenue from €5 tickets in Venice!

VENICE. The revenue came from just 11 days of the trial period for the new measure.

07 May 2024 / 12:57
Record numbers at both Corfu ports over Easter

CORFU. The numbers confirm the general impression that there were more visitors this year.

29 Apr 2024 / 15:36
Creation of floating marina in Kalyvioti on hold until further notice

CORFU. The company is criticising delays caused by the new political leadership of the Ministry of Tourism.

28 Apr 2024 / 13:30
Antica vintage car club visits North Corfu

CORFU. "High-income visitors, a type of theme tourism, who come during off-season periods, have a very active social media presence and thousands of followers worldwide."

27 Apr 2024 / 11:09
Strong start to the cruise season at Corfu Port

CORFU. In February and March 13 Cruise ships visited the island with 10273 passengers.

26 Apr 2024 / 15:01
Regional Governor meets with Hellenic Tourist Accommodation Confederation President

CORFU. They discussed the issues in the tourism sector concerning all the Ionian Islands, with the Regional Governor also being responsible for Tourism in the Association of Greek Regions.

25 Apr 2024 / 10:42
Visitors coming by plane, bus and boat to Corfu for Easter

CORFU. Full occupancy rates in the town centre. High number of bookings in the rest of the island as well.

18 Apr 2024 / 09:02
Silver Award for Blue Tours Corfu at Greek Tourism Awards 2024 

The award ceremony took place on 15 April at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with a significant presence from the field of tourism.

30 Mar 2024 / 11:46
International flight arrivals 9-29 March over 90% full

CORFU. Tomorrow, on non-Orthodox Easter Day, a large number of arrivals are expected at Corfu Airport with 18 international flights. Positive signs again for this year΄s season.

29 Mar 2024 / 14:41
Deputy Mayors for Tourism from three Municipalities working together

CORFU. "The island of Corfu constitutes a unified tourist destination, with an established brand name, common challenges in terms of management and sustainability, as well as shared goals."

22 Mar 2024 / 10:38
New state-of-the-art ΄eco-friendly΄ cruise ship Sun Princess at Corfu Port

CORFU. The newly constructed cruise ship is considered the first vessel oriented towards sustainability, as it uses LNG fuel.

19 Mar 2024 / 16:32
Ionian Islands at Vienna Tourism Exhibition

VIENNA. The Region had its own booth within the Greek National Tourism Organisation area.

13 Mar 2024 / 11:24
Tourist season starting with personnel shortages

CORFU. Pericles Katsaros: "The procedures for work visas for migrant workers from third countries are time-consuming."

11 Mar 2024 / 17:50
Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands at ITB Berlin

CORFU. The common denominator of the work meetings was the quality upgrade of the tourism product in order to improve the sustainable tourism development indicators.

09 Mar 2024 / 12:06
First international flight arrival of the season today from Berlin

CORFU. 160 flights will arrive at the airport during the first 15 days of April. Cautiously optimistic messages from the German market. Very good demand from the French and Polish markets.

01 Mar 2024 / 14:44
Ionian Islands Region at International Tourism Exhibition in Denmark

CORFU. At the stand, tourist material was distributed, and a presentation of our islands was given.