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Man convicted of rape in Corfu set free 43 years early

20 Aug 2019 / 06:32

CORFU. The story was prominent in the British tabloids - victims were British tourists of all ages in Kavos. His release is said to be due to a new law that has been passed.

There has been shock in the British media at the release of 47-year-old Dimitris Aspiotis who in 2012 was given a 52-year prison sentence for six rapes in Corfu. He has, however, been released 43 years early due to a new law having served less than 9 years of his sentence.

The 47-year-old must report to police on the first day of each month and he is forbidden from leaving Corfu. 

He had previously been jailed for rape in 2007. In June 2010, on the payment of bail and with the promise of good conduct, Aspiotis was released after serving three years for raping three British women between 1997 and 2005. However, within weeks he started again and that summer he was accused of attacking at least four British women aged between 18 and 47. Aspiotis confessed to the attacks after a six-day manhunt, with pressure being brought to bear by the British Ambassador. During this time Aspiotis had been hiding in wooded hills near Lefkimmi. 

Three British women told the court that they had been raped at knifepoint.

According to the British newspaper, police and the Ministry of Justice repeatedly refused its requests to confirm reports that the 47-year-old was free and that they have not issued any warnings.

How his arrest was reported

Aspiotis was arrested 9 years ago on 27 August 2010 a few days after having raped and robbed a tourist in Asprokavos. He was sentenced in 2012. In 2019 he was released with restrictions.

This is how his arrest was announced by the police at that time:

Following the issuing of an arrest warrant for the 37-year-old the police planned and organised an operation with all its manpower firstly to prevent him from committing another criminal act and secondly to find and arrest him.

According to information received and confirmed, he was hiding in a rugged 4,000-stremma wooded area with thick vegetation which he knew well from his childhood. The area was cordoned off and there were continuous patrols with police dogs.

Following police pressure and mediation by journalists the fugitive eventually gave himself up.

Since he was a teenager the 37-year-old has been in and out of prison mainly for rape. He also escaped with an injury from Corfu General Hospital when he was under guard there.

The arrested man was taken  to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.