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21 Sep 2023 / 18:43
Annual memorial ceremony for the Serbs on Vidos Island

CORFU. They paid tribute at the Serbian Mausoleum to the Serbs who died between 1916 and 1918.

25 Aug 2023 / 14:08
Vidos summer camps officially cancelled

CORFU. Despite the repeated assurances that the summer camps would operate again this year after an absence of several years.

24 Aug 2023 / 15:02
Free passage to and from Vidos Islet for members of Senior Citizens Day Care Centre (KAPI)

CORFU. They will be able to use the municipal shuttle service free of charge, which will be continuing until around the end of September.

21 Aug 2023 / 18:39
Spyros Neratzis: "Serious deficiencies in Vidos΄ fire safety"

CORFU. Most of the fire tool stations and fire hose cabinets are without equipment.

31 Jul 2023 / 16:04
Two-day event on Vidos Island - 1 and 2 August

CORFU. The shuttle service will operate from 18:00 until the end of the events.

13 Jun 2023 / 19:33
Municipal Development Agency to not take over Vidos shuttle service after all

CORFU. The Decentralised Administration accepted the appeal of 6 opposition councillors.

12 Jun 2023 / 23:52
Vidos filled with people again after a long time

CORFU. The canteen remains close - No municipal shuttle service this time either.

09 Jun 2023 / 11:56
12th Primary School pupils ΄adopt΄ Vidos beach

CORFU. School outing to clean up the beach on Sunday 11 June.

07 Jun 2023 / 21:12
Unknown when Vidos municipal shuttle service will begin

CORFU. Although the number of visitors to the island is increasing, there is no water, food or toilets.

02 Jun 2023 / 11:31
Decision on permission for Vidos summer camps to be taken following inspection on 16 June

CORFU. Municipal councillor Vassilis Melidis: The buildings will be ready and we aim to begin the summer camps at the beginning of July.

31 May 2023 / 12:23
Vidos municipal shuttle service to begin on 5 June

CORFU. The canteen will open on the same day and summer camp jobs will be advertised in the middle of June.

09 May 2023 / 09:33
Rubbish already piling up on Vidos Island

CORFU. Councillor says: "Vidos hasn΄t fully opened yet - the professional taking people to the island is responsible for their rubbish."

06 Apr 2023 / 20:53
New ΄Friends of Vidos΄ Association Board makes first public appearance at Municipal Council

CORFU. The association passed on its own and the citizens΄ concern about the interruption of access to the island through the municipal boat.

05 Apr 2023 / 21:39
Outstanding issues regarding operation of Vidos summer camp

CORFU. The contractor will begin repair work again after Easter.

05 Apr 2023 / 11:30
Municipal Development Agency takes over Vidos shuttle service

CORFU. The Municipal Council decided to terminate the contract with the skipper and assign the shuttle service to the newly established Development Agency.

03 Apr 2023 / 23:49
Vidos: Abandonment and privatisation?

By Spyros Savvanis, lawyer, member of MeRA 25

03 Oct 2022 / 10:48
Vidos MTB XCO Cycle Race

CORFU. Approximately 100 cyclists took part in the race.

06 Sep 2022 / 19:40
The hidden treasures of Vidos Island’s history

CORFU. A historical tour by ΄Corfu Fortifications΄ and another perspective of Vidos Island, very different from that of the summer resort.