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Vidos filled with people again after a long time

12 Jun 2023 / 23:30

CORFU. The canteen remains close - No municipal shuttle service this time either.

After many years, Vidos was again filled with people on Sunday, both young and old. Corfiots' gradual distancing from the island began with the closure of the restaurant, which was hospitable and easily accessible, and continued with the closure of the municipal children's summer camp and the constant problems with the shuttle service.


The Associations' call

Several Corfiots arrived with the morning boat "Aeolos" that the eight Associations that made the call had rented especially for the occasion, since the shuttle service did not start yesterday.

They visited the entire island and enjoyed moments of relaxation. Those who were hungry, ate the food they had made sure to bring with them in the cool area next to the closed restaurant, while there were also moments of fun with songs. Beach clean-ups were also carried out and the rubbish was sorted at source and put in special bags for all streams.

In the afternoon, the boat brought even more people and a discussion followed about the abandonment of Vidos and the need to make it an open and accessible place again - an extension of the town.

Present, amongst others, were the former Mayor and President of the "Friends of Vidos" Association Yiannis Kourkoulos, the former Mayor Sotiris Mikalef, the candidates for Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos and Takis Metallinos, the SYRIZA MP candidates Nikoleta Pandi and Giorgos Kaloudis, the PASOK MP candidate Maria Dri and many other Corfiots who are involved in public affairs, the environment, politics, or simply remain fans of this small paradise. The Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou was also on another side of the island, as a parent this time, together with the other parents of the 12th Primary School pupils.


The scouts

Of course, the scouts responsible for the camping centre were also there, as they have been every Sunday for the last few months, working hard to maintain and clean the facilities and the surrounding 57-stremma area granted to them by the Municipality.

The scouts are undoubtedly the ones who have been showing their interest through their continuous presence on the island. They have recently upgraded their water supply network with their own resources and personal work, in order to ensure a seamless water supply for the 1,000 or so campers expected from all over Greece during the camping periods.


See for themselves

For many people it was also an opportunity to see for themselves the infrastructure of the island that has been abadoned. The visit gave the opportunity for photos of the historic buildings that are falling apart to be made public, as well as of the facilities of the summer camp, which does not seem to be ready to welcome children, even though we are in the middle of June.

The canteen, on the other hand, which Ikos should have been operating since 15 May, remains closed despite the arrival of hundreds of people and young children having been announced. The shuttle service did not start yesterday either, while the toilets in the harbour were hastily opened the evening before.


School excursion

The call of the eight Associations happened to be on the same day with the excursion of the 12th Primary School, which participated in the WWF's "Adopt a Beach" environmental campaign. The school "adopted" the Maistro beach, the long beach located on the north side. The pupils stayed in the clean premises of the scout camping centre, which also provided toilets and food.