Tuesday 16.07.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


22 Mar 2024 / 12:11
WATT SA advances to next stage of competition for restoration of Temploni Landfill

CORFU. The contract in its entirety has a completion time of six months from its signing.

19 Sep 2023 / 19:37
Tender for restoration of Temploni landfill proceeding

ARGOSTOLI (FODSA). 70%-80% of waste bales have been transported from the now inactive Lefkimmi landfill.

14 Sep 2023 / 12:07
FODSA΄s appeal for restoration of Temploni landfill accepted

CORFU. A temporary contractor for the waste management facility in Corfu will soon be appointed. The competition for the transportation of waste off the island for 1+1 years has been announced by Central Corfu Municipality.

13 Sep 2023 / 15:44
Temploni landfill as it is today

CORFU. Temploni Cultural Society published an aerial view of the landfill.

10 Aug 2023 / 15:13
Wildfire in Akrokefalo, Temploni

CORFU. Aerial and ground forces are involved in the firefighting operation.

27 Jul 2023 / 00:07
Large Green Spot to be created in Central Corfu Municipality

CORFU. It will be built on the restored plot of the former uncontrolled waste disposal site (HADA) in Temploni - No progress has been made with the Green Spot on Eptanisou St.

04 Jul 2023 / 16:37
Restoration of Temploni landfill suspended until further notice

CORFU. The Court of Auditors has rejected the programmatic agreement between the Regional Authority and FODSA for the implementation of the project.

04 Apr 2023 / 20:48
Local Town Council says ΄no΄ to photovoltaic park in Temploni

CORFU. DEYAK is raising the issue again in an attempt to reduce energy costs.

05 Jan 2023 / 22:48
Waste bales to soon be removed from Lefkimmi landfill

CORFU. Waste is expected to be removed from Temploni in a month - The contract for the restoration of the terrain and wall at the Temploni landfill was signed.

15 Nov 2022 / 15:59
Samples collected at Temploni so far are ΄clean΄

CORFU. A team from the National Research Centre will be coming again to continue the inspection - Water samples will be taken from ten locations including two DIADEYAK wells.

11 Nov 2022 / 11:48
National Research Centre team in Corfu on Tuesday to collect more samples from Temploni

CORFU. The results of chemical analyses have been given to the Regional Administration.

27 Oct 2022 / 00:51
Corfu waste management facility expected to be created by May 2025

CORFU. The environmental conditions for the new Temploni landfill are expected to be issued within the next few days.

07 Oct 2022 / 20:07
Ministry of Interior approves €1 million for restoration of Temploni landfill

CORFU. Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa: The restoration of the Lefkimmi landfill is about to begin.

16 Aug 2022 / 11:36
House fire in Temploni

CORFU. The fire was quickly brought under control without spreading.

02 Aug 2022 / 11:10
Wildfire near Temploni

CORFU. Fire now under partial control. Three stremma of land burnt.

25 Jul 2022 / 19:04
Temploni Association’s reaction to Demokritos air pollution measurements

CORFU. Demokritos’ recent announcement regarding the air pollution measurements in Temploni and the surrounding area provoked a reaction from the Temploni Association.

21 Jul 2022 / 19:39
Air pollutants in Temploni at low levels according to ‘Demokritos’

CORFU. Livestock and olive products are under Demokritos ‘microscope’ due to illegal waste incineration in Ropa Valley.