Thursday 22.02.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


24 Nov 2023 / 22:12
Kavos residents report illegal disposal of waste in old landfill

LEFKIMMI. The Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services said that the rubbish remains inside the rubbish truck.

09 Sep 2023 / 12:00
Kavos Cultural Society: Only three businesses were closed by inspectors

CORFU. Kavos Cultural Society issued a statement in which they speak out against the media, both Greek and foreign, for "unjust defamation" of the region.

04 Sep 2023 / 22:52
Investigation into circumstances of British policewoman΄s death being conducted

CORFU. What she drank and how much it contributed to the fall of the British policewoman who died in Kavos just a few hours after arriving there on holiday.

03 Sep 2023 / 13:45
Tax and customs inspectors (AADE) close 28 bars in Kavos!

CORFU. Tax evasion, adulterated drinks and shots from containers!

01 Sep 2023 / 13:53
British woman, 22, found dead in Kavos

CORFU. According to initial information, the young woman was on holiday in Corfu.

13 Jul 2023 / 13:47
Man arrested in Kavos in possession of thousands of illegal pills

CORFU. He was found in possession of 5,776 stimulants, which he sold online.

27 Jun 2023 / 12:11
Police looking into alleged attack of British rapper by tourists in Kavos

CORFU. Police have confirmed that the alleged victim hasn΄t lodged a complaint.

08 Jun 2023 / 13:29
Two arrested in Kavos for noise pollution

CORFU. Police are continuing their checks on catering establishments.

18 Aug 2022 / 11:22
Identity of man who died at Asprokavos beach now confirmed

CORFU. The body of the man who was found dead at Asprokavos beach on 4 August has now been identified.

09 Aug 2022 / 10:04
Italian woman, 34, found dead in Kavos

CORFU. Lefkimmi police are conducting an investigation.

05 Aug 2022 / 09:14
Man, 55, found dead at Asprokavos beach

CORFU. A 55-year-old man was found dead at Asprokavos beach in South Corfu yesterday.

22 Jul 2022 / 13:25
Another wildfire in Kavos brought immediately under control

CORFU. A new wildfire has broken out in Kavos less than 24 hours after the last one.

21 Jul 2022 / 15:03
Wildfire in Kavos

CORFU. Land and air units fighting the fire.

15 Jul 2022 / 14:47
Two women arrested for robbing tourist΄s room in Kavos

CORFU. They broke in through a window and stole cards, personal items and clothes.

11 Jul 2022 / 13:46
Three arrested for theft in Kavos

CORFU. The perpetrators stole a wallet and other personal belongings.

04 Jul 2022 / 12:08
Kavos shop owner arrested with laughing gas ampoules

CORFU. Arrests were made in Corfu and Zakynthos and a total of 446 laughing gas ampoules were seized.

01 Jul 2022 / 11:00
Two arrested in Kavos for possession and trafficking of cannabis

CORFU. The two were questioned by Lefkimmi police.

21 Jun 2022 / 13:40
Man arrested for stealing mobile devices and money from tourists in Kavos

CORFU. He was found and arrested on the same day.