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Kavos residents report illegal disposal of waste in old landfill

24 Nov 2023 / 21:58

LEFKIMMI. The Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services said that the rubbish remains inside the rubbish truck.

The residents of Kavos called the police to report the illegal disposal of waste in an old landfill in Armenos.

The police are already investigating the incident, while speaking to Enimerosi, the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services Nikos Bogdos claimed that the rubbish removed from a specific area of Kavos was not deposited where the residents said, but remains inside the rubbish truck in the parking area of the fleet in Ano Messonghi.

According to him, due to the road race organised in the area with Kavos fountain as the starting and finishing point, a municipal rubbish truck proceeded to remove the rubbish from the area so that it would be clean for the athletes and spectators.

The incident is, however, being investigated by the Police with residents complaining about illegal transportation of rubbish to the old landfill.


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