Tuesday 16.07.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Corfu AIrport

20 Jun 2024 / 11:00
Aircraft brakes overheat on landing at Corfu Airport

CORFU. The aircraft arrived from London Gatwick, with 173 passengers and 6 crew members.

04 Jun 2024 / 14:33
International flight arrivals increase in May but not all beds filled

CORFU. A positive start in June at the airport. The early bookings from the previous year΄s contracts are ΄lifesaving΄ for the hotels with 90% occupancy in the first month of summer.

03 Jun 2024 / 09:25
Double-digit increase in international flight arrivals continues

CORFU. June is expected to have a particularly high number of arrivals from the very first week, as the number of flights from several airports is being increased.

24 May 2024 / 08:27
Parking spaces at Corfu Airport - at last!

CORFU. The airport will close again after the end of the season for the continuation of the runway and adjacent zone reconstruction works.

15 May 2024 / 16:11
76,000 international passenger arrivals at Corfu Airport in April

CORFU. There was an increase in passenger traffic and international arrivals last month, according to the official data from Fraport.

15 May 2024 / 11:38
Three arrested at Corfu and Zakynthos airports with fake travel documents

CORFU. The three men tried to board flights with fake passports.

10 May 2024 / 14:30
11.6% increase in international flight bookings to Corfu this year

CORFU. According to data from INSETE for this year, the number of bookings is 2,189,010 compared to 1,961,995 in 2023.

17 Apr 2024 / 10:52
Firefighting exercises at airport and hotel

CORFU. The firefighting and rescue exercises took place on Tuesday 16 April.

12 Apr 2024 / 11:14
4th Experimental Primary School pupils visit Air Traffic Control tower

CORFU. The children watched planes taking off and landing from high up and learnt about air traffic control operations.

09 Apr 2024 / 14:33
New increase in Corfu Airport passenger tax

CORFU. From last year΄s increase to €16 it has again increased to €18.5 this year. Reduction in landing fees for large aircraft.

30 Mar 2024 / 11:46
International flight arrivals 9-29 March over 90% full

CORFU. Tomorrow, on non-Orthodox Easter Day, a large number of arrivals are expected at Corfu Airport with 18 international flights. Positive signs again for this year΄s season.

09 Mar 2024 / 12:06
First international flight arrival of the season today from Berlin

CORFU. 160 flights will arrive at the airport during the first 15 days of April. Cautiously optimistic messages from the German market. Very good demand from the French and Polish markets.

26 Feb 2024 / 13:00
Announcement from Aegean and Olympic Air regarding CAA strike on 28 February

CORFU. All passengers holding tickets for affected flights can make changes without incurring the cost of reissue and fare difference.

23 Feb 2024 / 14:00
Only emergency flights at Corfu Airport on Wednesday 28 February

CORFU. Civil Aviation Authority employees are taking part in the ADEDY strike.

23 Feb 2024 / 10:47
30 international flight arrivals in March

CORFU. Where the first direct connections to Corfu Airport will be from.

16 Feb 2024 / 10:30
First tourists arriving at Corfu Airport on March 9

CORFU. The first arrival will be a Ryanair flight from Berlin. See new destinations airlines have included in their schedule. Season ends on November 10th.

01 Feb 2024 / 11:14
Corfu Airport closing again for a day

CORFU. No flights except for helicopter medical transport on Tuesday, February 6. The airport will reopen the following day.

26 Jan 2024 / 13:13
Corfu Airport reopening on Tuesday 30 January

CORFU. Work will continue to a lesser extent following the opening. Only small aircraft until March 8th.