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No more free use of the Municipal Theatre - former operating regulations in force again

Municipal Theatre
19 Apr 2024 / 16:56

CORFU. Payment for the use of facilities, in order to cover maintenance work.

According to Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos, the old 2018 Operating Regulations, which were never put into use, will be implemented for the use of the Municipal Theatre.

At a press conference today at the Maraslio Town Hall, he stated that professional bodies, who have so far used the theatre free of charge, will start paying a fee, contributing to the basic maintenance operations of the facilities - which have now suffered from the passage of time, simultaneously tarnishing Corfu's reputation to invited artistic groups.

Although the Mayor did not specify the amount of the fee, he estimated that it would start being paid after the end of the "dead" summer period, when the intensive use of the Municipal Theatre for events begins during the winter season.