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Tight deadlines for restoration of Municipal Theatre

Municipal Theatre
21 Feb 2024 / 14:12

CORFU. A wide-ranging technical meeting of the Municipal Authority with the consulting firm that will undertake the drafting of the tender documents for the reconstruction study of the building.

A wide-ranging technical meeting was held in the foyer of the Municipal Theatre on Wednesday morning, aimed at preparing the tender documents for the restoration study of the building. The meeting was attended by Central Corfu Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos, representatives of the technical construction company that will be responsible for drafting the tender documents, Municipal Council President Xenofon Alamanos, Deputy Mayors Andreas Kardonas and Thomas Vlassis, Municipal Theatre supervisor Fotis Skourtis, the head of the Ionian Islands Management Authority Kostas Aspiotis, administrative officials, while the distinguished Corfiot artist Vicky Yiannoula, conveyed her experience from abroad, presenting interesting proposals.

It was stressed that the procedures need to be expedited as time constraints are tightening to ensure that the secured funding of €600,000 from the Public Investment Programme for the study of the "Comprehensive upgrade of the Corfu Municipal Theatre and the formation of outdoor spaces" is not lost. The funding for the study has been secured since July 2020.

During the meeting, Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos brought to the attention of the technical company based in Thessaloniki any available data from the initial construction period of the project and any subsequent findings. The company representatives stressed that it is a challenging task; however, they believed they would be able to meet the schedule. An initial site inspection was conducted today, and soon an extensive one will follow with a team coming from Thessaloniki to observe the existing situation and assess the building's needs.



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