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Regional Governor and North Corfu Mayor determined to work together

Regional Governor
03 Jan 2024 / 15:26

CORFU. The new Regional Governor, Yiannis Trepeklis, held a meeting at his office with North Corfu Mayor, Giorgos Mahimaris.

In a particularly warm atmosphere today, the Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis met with the Mayor of North Corfu, Giorgos Mahimaris, at the Regional Authority headquarters in Alykes, Potamos.

Also present at the meeting were the mayor's associates, municipal councillors, local council presidents and business owners.

The two old acquaintances from their roles in local government, the first as the Mayor of Corfu and the second as the Prefect, came together again, they stated, to jointly address longstanding issues such as the waste disposal facility, cleaning servces, and major road projects, such as bypasses, which have not been implemented for decades.

"On my part, I committed to seeking funding that will provide solutions to reasonable, not arbitrary, requests," stated Yiannis Trepeklis following the meeting. "We are in agreement with regard to solving problems of basic infrastructure and delivering quality projects to citizens and the development of the region. But let's also demonstrate a climate of good cooperation because today South Corfu is facing a serious waste issue. Mr. Mahimaris, Mr. Poulimenos, and I are entering the waste collection battle, as, where the environment is concerned, there are no boundaries.


"On my part, I made a committment that the requests articulated during the preceding discussion are reasonable and not arbitrary claims but rather demands stemming from the concerns of our fellow citizens, who want us to respond positively to these issues.

"We are in agreement on a common action plan, and I want to stress that, for me, the main priority is to address problems of basic infrastructure across all the Ionian Islands and deliver quality projects to our fellow citizens with the goal of developing the region."

Mahimaris compares Trepeklis to Theodoros Kolokotronis


The Mayor of North Corfu expressed particular emotion, stating, "Yiannis Trepeklis and I are coming together again after 17 years to forge a close collaboration, outlining long-term policies with vision and realism. Unfortunately, certain things that we left at that time, such as the bypasses from the North to the South, are in front of us again.

"We are coming together again to unite our forces in specific regional policies for infrastructure, integrated waste management, water supply, school facilities, culture, sports, so that we get our rightful share."

Giorgos Mahimaris even compared Yiannis Trepeklis to Theodoros Kolokotronis, stating that there will be steady progress with the new Regional Governor in his five-year term of office, transcending political parties and working closely with the state.