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Special Municipal Council meeting to discuss public water company (DIADEYADK) held yesterday

Municipal Council
27 Jul 2022 / 19:40

CORFU. DIADEYADK answered to questions – Meropi Ydraiou said that “the division would totally benefit the Central Corfu Municipality”.

At yesterday's special Central Corfu Council meeting there was a thorough discussion on DIADEYADK (public water company). For the first time after three years since the creation of the inter-municipal company, there was a comprehensive briefing by its members Argyros, Haralambakis, Adam and Armeniakos. All parties made statements, while the issues raised by the councillors were answered by those responsible.
The discussion, which lasted four hours, concerned the company's chronic problems, such as the old network, the ongoing water supply problems, the bills, the company's debts, the water meters, DIADEYADK’s division, etc.
The old network
Responding to a question by Marios Mayioladitis from the Ekkinisi party about the ongoing water supply problems and the need to maintain and repair the network, DIADEYADK members provided data on how big the problems are that often leave entire areas without water for days. For instance, they mentioned that in 17 months, 5,000 cases of damage were reported and repaired!
Differences in bill prices
Consumers, however, will sooner or later see a difference in their bills, as yesterday's briefing showed. One of the issues discussed was the different pricing between different areas of the island, for which they said that it was an urgent need to find a solution.
However, the Mayor argued that if there would be any price adjustment - upwards or downwards - it would be very small (a few cents).
The ‘missing’ water meters
In response to a question from councillor Angela Rigga, DIADEYADK answered that there are still many water meters in the network that have not been registered. For several years, efforts have been made to find and register a large number of water meters, while for the 'missing' ones, consumers only pay the fixed fee.
According to what has been said, 80% of the water meters have now been registered. Those that have not yet been located are mainly in the North and South Corfu Municipalities.
How often are water bills issued?
The councillor Giorgos Karydis brought up the issue of how often water bills are issued, as he said that there had been complaints from citizens for five or six bills within a year instead of the four that are normally issued. DIADEYADK clarified that this can indeed happen, but only in case there are outstanding water bill debts from previous years.

 DIADEYAK’s division
Meropi Ydraiou referred, amongst other things, to DIADEYAK's division. As she said, the North and South Corfu Mayors have already expressed their will to split it into three autonomous companies.
"The division would totally benefit the Central Corfu Municipality," said the Central Corfu Mayor and DIADEYADK President. "We have a clear picture, the math speaks for itself. Let everyone take responsibility".
She said, however, that the whole process must be done while the company is still operating. On the other hand, former Mayor Chrysanthos Sarlis said he was totally opposed to the division and it is something he has also expressed through Enimerosi.
The councillors Giorgos Kaloudis, Angela Rigga, Giorgos Karydis and Chrysostomos Boukas submitted a resolution which received 10 votes in favour and 14 against.