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New drillings to reinforce water supply in North Corfu

04 Oct 2022 / 23:35

CORFU. The contract with the contractor was signed on Monday. The project concerns the reinforcement of water supply for 2,500 people.

The DIADEYADK President Meropi Ydraiou and the contractor of the project signed the contract for the third project of the 'Antonis Tritsis' programme on Monday 3 October. The project concerns the "Exploratory drillings and hydrogeological surveys in North Corfu" and has a €324,604 budget.
The project
DIADEYADK will create 16 exploratory drillings in selected locations following hydrogeological mapping and electrical geophysical surveys. In particular, 7 in Northwest Corfu, 6 in Northeast Corfu and 3 in Agioi Deka.
The sub-project concerns the reinforcement of water supply for 2,500 residents.

The project is expected to be completed in 8 months from the signing of the contract.
It is worth noting that since the approval of the funding, DEYAK's technical services put the project out to tender quickly - within 3 months - and then 8 months later the contract was signed with the contractor.
"I would like to thank the DIADEYADK Board and the services for the remarkable speed of the procedures, for a public service, so that the project can start", said the DIADEYADK President Meropi Ydraiou.