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Central Corfu Municipal Council rejects Cleaning Regulation

Municipal Council
31 Jan 2023 / 19:00

CORFU. Following five postponements, the Regulation did not receive the required majority vote.

The opposition parties declared their opposition to the Cleaning Regulation, which the municipal authority put to a vote at the Central Corfu Municipal Council meeting.
Following five postponements, the issue was discussed yesterday, with all parties - except that of the municipal authority - raising objections to the text for ambiguities and references to practices that should have already been implemented, but the municipality has not yet implemented.
Both the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services Yiannis Seremetis and the Service's Director Spyros Koronakis explained that the Regulation is a general guideline framework and is required by law to be drawn up by each municipality.
There were 19 votes for and 19 against, while Mr. Karydis abstained. Therefore, the Regulation did not receive the required 23 votes in favour and was rejected.