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Fines to be imposed on those who destroy greenery

Municipal Council
14 Dec 2022 / 20:51

CORFU. The Green Regulation and the new Cleaning Regulation discussed at today΄s Municipal Council meeting.

The Green Regulation that was put to vote at today's Municipal Council meeting provides for heavy fines for those who cut trees, destroy plants or pollute the Central Corfu Municipality's public areas in any way.
The approval of the new Municipal Cleaning Regulation was also discussed at the meeting held today at 18:00.
The Quality of Life Committee President Haris Yiotis told Enimerosi that a Green Regulation is being established for the first time in the Central Corfu Municipality, in an effort to set limits and rules for the protection of urban greenery as damage and destruction were noticed. The Regulation applies to public and municipal green areas and includes measures for their protection, rules of use, usage restrictions and penalties.
The regulation provides for fines of up to €1,500 for those who destroy trees of particular agronomic, morphological or aesthetic value, while for destruction of municipal equipment, such as benches, bins and playground equipment, the fine will be €400 plus the cost of replacement, if it exceeds the initial amount.
In case pedestrian crossing or visibility problems are found because of plants within private properties that the owner has not pruned, they will be notified by the Green Maintenance Department to take care of it. If they do not do it, the Department will proceed with the maintenance and the owner will be charged the cost of the work, which based on how many hours the staff will work and the cost of using machinery is estimated to be between €100 to €200 per hour.
The money collected from the fines will be used primarily to maintain and increase green areas in the town. Mr. Yiotis said that compared to other areas of the country, the amount of the fines is lower and he explained that for the Regulation to be successfully implemented, a team is expected to be set up to supervise green areas, while citizen complaints to the Municipality will also be looked into.
Ecological compensation
In case of cutting or destruction of trees or bushes or the abolition of a municipal green area, the Municipality is obliged to replace the vegetation in the same area or, if this is not possible, to plant it in another area or to create a similar open space in the same area as an "ecological compensation". It is worth noting that in order for the Regulation to be approved an increased majority is required, i.e. 23 votes in favour.
Cleaning Regulation
The new Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Cleaning Regulation includes, amongst other things, the creation of Centres for the Creative Reuse of Materials (KDEY), implementation of the 'Pay As You Throw' system, separate collection of packaging in municipal facilities, separate collection of biowaste, support for household composting, separate collection of hazardous waste from households and creation of green spots.
It is worth noting that in case of violations, fines are foreseen, which according to law, Municipalities can increase if the offence is repeated.