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Municipal Council says ΄no΄ to participation in Attica Green Expo

Municipal Council
15 Nov 2022 / 00:51

CORFU. The opposition parties were not convinced about the Municipality΄s environmental practices - Questions about the cost of participation.

The majority of the Central Corfu Municipal Council voted against the Municipality's participation in Attica Green Expo for awareness of environmental issues to be held on 24-27 May.
In the issue that was off the agenda of the Friday meeting, the Central Corfu Mayor suggested the Municipality's participation in the exhibition in order to promote its actions and highlight its active environmental awareness.
In the exhibition participate bodies that prove daily in practical ways that they have an active environmental consciousness through initiatives that contribute significantly to the strengthening of the green economy in Greece.
The cost
In response to a question from the Municipal Councillor of the 'Kerkyra na zis' party Yiannis Triantafiloudis regarding the cost of participation, Meropi Ydraiou replied that it will be around €3,000-€4,000, as she has been informed. However, she asked for the Council's approval for the intention to participate so that the Municipality can reserve space for its own stand.
What raised legitimate questions was that in the original proposal the cost was €12,400, as Kostas Grigoriadis from the 'Ekkinisi' party stated, while later no reference was made to any amount.
There were also reactions by all the opposition parties present on the issue of promoting the Municipality's good environmental practices when the recycling rate is only 5%.
In response to that, Mayor Meropi Ydraiou and Deputy Mayor Panayiota Tzanne referred to the awards for Aegean Rebreath's sea clean-ups and the initiative of the Diapontia Island's energy autonomy, the school recycling marathons and the placement of bins for cigarette butts and clothing. They also mentioned the placement of bins for electrical appliances, batteries, medicines, toners and ink cartridges in municipal services and KEP.
In the end, the Municipality's participation was not approved with 15 votes in favour and 16 against.