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South Corfu Municipality to pay €12,500 per month to use Temploni Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station
07 Dec 2021 / 17:38

CORFU. The Central Corfu Municipal Council, to which the Mayor presented her proposal, will discuss on Tuesday afternoon the concession of use (lease) of the Temploni Waste Transfer Station to the South Corfu Municipality.

It should be reminded that the South Corfu Municipality will temporarily use the Central Corfu Waste Transfer Station in Temponi, as it is the only way for the waste to continue to be transported to Palairos. The contract with the contractor in Kira Chrisikou, who was responsible for the transportation of the waste until recently, was not renewed.
The matter had already been approved by the South Corfu Finance Committee and was then put up for discussion and approval by the South Corfu Municipal Council on 16 November. The proposal was approved by the majority by voting in favour, while all the opposition parties voted ‘present’.
This is basically a request from the South Corfu Municipality to the Central Corfu Municipality to use the waste transfer facilities at Temploni, until the South Waste Transfer Station is constructed.
Central Corfu Municipality’s proposal
The Mayor told Enimerosi that she was positive to the request, but she clarified that it is a matter of the Central Corfu Municipal bodies, which is why she presented the proposal to the Municipal Council. The Business Works Service claims that the monthly lease to be paid by the South Corfu Municipality should be around €12,500 for a quantity of up to 500 tons.
Specifically, the Technical Report stated that “in order to ensure the use of the abovementioned facility by an organised service, the beneficiary Municipality would be charged monthly the amount resulting from the quantity of 500 tons x 25 €/ton, i.e. €12,500, which is considered a reasonable amount for the use of the abovementioned property”.
The technical report’s proposal was discussed and accepted by the Committee for the assessment of the lease and sale of movable and immovable property.