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Special Municipal Council meeting to discuss public water company (DIADEYADK) now scheduled for 26 July

Municipal Council
22 Jul 2022 / 10:49

CORFU. New meeting scheduled following the calling off of Thursday night΄s meeting.

The special Central Corfu Council meeting to discuss DIADEYADK (public water comoany) will now be held on Tuesday 26 July at 20:30 after Thursday night's meeting being called off when opposition parties walked out due to Meropi Ydraiou's late arrival. 

Because it is considered to be such an important issue for the whole island a new invitaion was sent out for another meeting at the conference hall in the Mon Repos estate, at which  Mayor Meropi Ydraiou will give a complete update on the situation with the inter-municipal company.

The council meeting on Thursday night ended abruptly. The late arrival of Meropi Ydraiou at the meeting room in the Mon Repos estate caused an angry reaction from the opposition parties, who walked out having previously requested a postponement.

Deaf ears

Despite the desperate efforts of the Council President Dimitris Metallinos to explain that if the discussion didn't take place now, it probably wouldn't happen until September, his words fell on deaf ears.

The mayor finally arrived but due to the opposition parties walking out - led by the parties of Kaloudis and Trepeklis and followed by Mr. Karydis party and LASY - Mr. Metallinos ended the meeting. However, due to the seriousness of the issue, Ms. Ydraiou asked for a date to be set immediately and a new meeting is now scheduled to take place on Tuesday 26 July.

Other mayors not invited

At the beginning of the meeting, with DIADEYADK board members Haralambakis, Armeniakos, Katsaros and Argyros present, the leader of the Kerkyraiki Symmahia party Giorgos Karydis said that because the meeting would just be an update and no decisions would be taken, the other two mayors, Girogos Mahimaris and Kostas Lessis, should have been invited.

The leader of the Prota I Kerkyra party Giorgos Kaloudis made a scathing comment on the lateness of Meropi Ydraiou arriving, causing the Council President to call on him to withdraw his insulting remark.

Why Lessis and Mahimaris weren't invited

Opposition leader Spyros Vlachos asked why the North Corfu and South Corfu mayors hadn't been invited and Vassilis Melidis responded by saying that there was no need for them to be present at the Central Corfu Council meeting and they had been updated on the situation by Ms. Ydraiou at a recent meeting at the DEYAK offices.

It should be noted that the parties of Maria Dri and Spyros Neratzis did not take part in the meeting. The Ekkinisi party stayed until the end, distancing themselves from the other opposition parties who had walked out earlier.

Ekkinisi statement

Ekkinisi issued a statement regarding DIADEYADK operations saying that the water companies must be supported in every possible way so that they can provide excellent quality water at the lowest possible cost for the public. It also condemns the ongoing water supply problems, understaffing and the government's plans for Corfu water supply.