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South Corfu Municipality looking at using the Temploni landfill

Waste Transfer Station
17 Nov 2021 / 17:16

CORFU. Meropi Υdraiou is not negative, as long as she gets the Central Corfu Municipal Council’s approval.

The South Corfu Town Council approved on Tuesday night the temporary solution of using the Temploni landfill as the Central Corfu Waste Transfer Station, since it is the only way to continue transferring waste to Palairos. The contract with the contractor in Kira Chrysikou in Danilia, who was responsible for the transfer until recently, was not renewed.
The matter had already been approved by the South Corfu Finance Committee and was then put up for discussion and approval by the Municipal Council. The proposal was approved by the majority by voting in favour, while all the opposition parties voted ‘present’.
This is basically a request from the South Corfu Municipality to the Central Corfu Municipality to use the waste transfer facilities at Temploni, until the South Waste Transfer Station is constructed.

The facilities
“Basically, it is a request to our Municipality to lease the facilities of the Temploni landfill”, Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou told Enimerosi. “However, the lease will be exclusively for the use of the land and not for the contracting services. This will be a contract to be made by the South Corfu Municipality” she added.
The request will be considered under specific conditions
“When we receive the request, our own Finance Committee will examine it. Then, a decision by the Central Corfu Town Council is necessary. It will not be my decision but I personally want to help, because we all know the problems Corfu has faced with rubbish on the streets. I would not want to see the streets turn into rubbish dumps again and threaten public health and tourism. After all, Corfu is one island – even if it is divided into three Municipalities. But I repeat: The request will be considered taking into account the lease period, the quantities, as well as whether the procedures for the creation of the South Corfu Waste Transfer Station will proceed”, said Mayor Meropi Ydraiou.   

It should be reminded, however, that in a recent inspection conducted by the Region's Environmental Quality Control Team, the Transfer Station in Temploni was found to be operating without environmental licensing. Serious deficiencies causing pollution were also found and a fine of €20,000 is pending. However, as the Deputy Regional Governor for Environment Spyros Ioannou explained, before the fine is imposed, recommendations should initially be made for compliance.