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Temploni Waste Transfer Station – What the Environmental Quality Control Team did not find

Waste Transfer Station
11 Nov 2021 / 19:03

CORFU. Temploni Waste Transfer Station without environmental licensing – The entire inspection report of the Environmental Quality Control Team.

The Waste Transfer Station found that the Central Corfu Municipal Waste Transfer Station is operating without environmental licensing and has serious deficiencies.
The report
Following an order to conduct an Environmental Quality Control inspection, we conducted an inspection on Wednesday 8 September 2021 at the Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipal Solid Non-Hazardous Waste Transfer Station, which also included mixed waste, at Akrokefalos in Temploni, in order to check the operating status of the Waste Transfer Station and its environmental licensing.
During the inspection the following were found:
1. The Waste Transfer Station is operating without environmental licensing.

Image 1
2. The machines that are transferring, compacting and dumping waste in closed waste containers, are placed on a base of ready-mixed, unfinished concrete without a perimeter system for collecting rainwater/wastewater and channelling it into a nearby tank.
The existing surfaces are not big enough. As a result, part of the water used to clean the equipment and of the wastewater that may occur from the operation of the Waste Transfer Station, either stagnates or flows off the base and, thus, it is degrading and polluting the surrounding area (Images 2 - 6)

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6
3. The rinse water and wastewater collection tank is placed in a pit without any waterproofing. A dark-coloured liquid was observed around the perimeter of the tank and within the pit, which is probably due to leakage from the tank (Images 7 & 8).

Image 7

Image 8
4. The drainage pipes for the wastewater collected at the base surface, are sloppily installed and a section is visible on the ground, not sealed and not properly connected to the collection tank with obvious wastewater leakage (Images 7, 9 & 10).

Image 9

Image 10

1. From all the above, we can conclude that there is degradation and pollution of the environment, in violation of the existing environmental legislation and, in particular, the provisions of Law 1650/86, as amended and in force, and the provisions of the Joint Ministerial Decision 114218/97 on the broad guidelines of solid waste management policy, of Law 4014/2011.
2. The Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality must proceed with the environmental licensing of the activity of the Corfu Waste Transfer Station,
The authors of the report