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Which plot of land is recommended for the South Corfu Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station
16 Nov 2021 / 21:50

CORFU. The South Corfu Municipality is attempting to acquire its own Waste Transfer Station, since until recently it was using private facilities in Kira Chrysikou, Danilia.

The approval for leasing of land to be used as a landfill site in accordance with the Regional Waste Management Plan (PESDA) siting criteria for Waste Transfer Stations is expected to be discussed at tonight's South Corfu Town Council meeting on a proposal from Mayor Kostas Lessis.
According to the proposal, the proposed 9.1-acre plot of land found belongs to a private owner and is located 200 meters from the bypass of the junction for Lefkimmi to Bastatika. There is a concrete construction site on a part of this land. However, the creation of a Waste Transfer Station requires only three acres.
A few hours before the meeting
However, according to the Councillor and 'Dimokratiki Sinergasia gia to Noto' leader and member of the Finance Committee Nikos Goussis, the proposal coming from the Municipal Authority came as a surprise, since the plot of land was expected to be found following a call for expression of interest. In fact, the Mayor's proposal was sent to the Councillors just hours before the meeting, without them having time to react.
“It was a surprise. We had said we were going to put out a call for expressions of interest to find the plot of land. But it did not happen and we did not have time to react,” Mr. Goussis told Enimerosi.
It should be noted that for the licensing of the plot of land as a Waste Transfer Station, the exclusion criteria according to the Regional Waste Management Plan are initially considered. They concern distances from settlements (distance from the Melikia settlement, about 650 m. > 500 m. ), archaeological or cultural monuments, military facilities, existence of forest or reforestated area, plot location left out of RAMSAR International Convention for Wetlands, Natura areas or National Parks that are also outside protection zones and areas of special natural beauty, as well as the distance of the plot from the Lefkimmi river.

As noted in the recommendation, the exact distance from the nearest settlement should be found based on a topographic survey of the plot to make sure that there is a 500m distance. The distance of the plot from the Lefkimmi river is approximately 500m. The topographic survey should confirm that.

The Central Corfu Waste Transfer Station
At the same time, at the meeting, the Town Council is expected to discuss the approval of the lease of the Waste Transfer Station – again on a recommendation from Kostas Lessis. Mr. Goussis said that the lease contract with the Central Corfu Waste Transfer Station – amounting to €37,200 – was approved by the South Corfu Municipality Finance Committee, until the international tender for the transfer of rubbish to Palairos.
It should also be noted that since August 4, the South Corfu Municipality waste was transferred to a Waste Transfer Station in Kira Chrysikou. It was called an emergency in the absence of a facility and, thus, in the Municipality, the South Corfu rubbish had been transfered until recently in Danilia – about 40km away – where the private facilities are located. There, they were weighed and with other trucks were again transferred to the Lefkimmi port to finally be transferred to Palairos landfill, on the opposite coast, with increased costs.