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Work accident at Central Corfu Waste Management Department

work accident
11 Jun 2021 / 12:44

CORFU. The Corfu Union of Local Authority Employees accuses the management of "dirty games" and "complete indifference".

A Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands municipal employee in the Waste Management Department had an accident when she fell down some steps. She was immediately taken to hospital by ambulance.

In a statement, the employees' union holds the municipality responsible for the incident as "it was the result of the worker being sent here and there (just like other cleaners, unfortunately) to carry out work in different buildings using her own means of transport  and to have to go as far as the offices in Mantouki to sign off on her work."

The union also said:

"Although she had provided the doctor at work with medical documentation and had informed the shift supervisor and other superiors of her difficulty in moving from one location to the other (dirty games), it was completely ignored. They also didn't come to the scene of the accident to provide help and the safety and medical officers weren't called.

We condemn all those responsible for the extra work burden placed on only some of the workers, whilst continuing to recruit staff in other services but not for cleaning.

We also condemn, yet again, the municipal administration for the lack of personal protection equipment and for not even taking basic measures for the safety of employees.

We demand that high-quality personal protection equipment be provided in a timely way.

We demand that some employees not be treated differently from others and that ALL workers do the job for which they were hired.

We wish our colleague a speedy recovery and call on all workers not to hesitate in collectively demanding all that is necessary for their safety and to use it whilst working."