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Corfu Workers΄ Centre reports work accident in South Corfu hotel

work accident
22 Mar 2023 / 20:54

CORFU. Corfu Workers΄ Centre President: "Employers are trying to get most of the work done with the fewest employees possible."

Another work accident came to the attention of the Corfu Workers' Centre. The incident, which resulted in a maid breaking her arm and injuring her ribs, occurred yesterday in a hotel in South Corfu, as the Corfu Workers' Centre President Stamatis Pelais reported.
In his statements he referred to the intensification of work in view of the new tourist season, calling on employees to report such incidents to the Corfu Worker's Centre management, in order for it to intervene and avoid work accidents.

"Whenever there is intensification of work, pressure and employers are trying to get most of the work done with the fewest employees possible, the latter should report it immediately, so that we can intervene, stop it and prevent more accidents," he said. According to him, a similar incident involving injury to a maid occurred last year at the same hotel.
"All of these resulted in another work accident in a hotel yesterday. In fact, it is the same hotel in which a work accident with a maid occurred last year at the beginning of the tourist season. This time the maid went up high to clean, which she normally should not have done, and she fell and broke her arm. She has also hurt her ribs and is in a bad condition, so now the season has ended earlier for her.
We are denouncing the behaviour of these employers, which is repeated and of course not only in this hotel, but also in other hotels, tourism businesses and businesses in general that do not take measures to protect workers," said Mr. Pelais.
The Centre's intervention
As he said, a few days ago, following a complaint by employees of a company in Vasilatika, where they were asked to set up a building, the Corfu Workers' Centre intervened, in order to protect the staff from any risk.
“A very difficult year is starting, in which employees have to organise and coordinate, because not only our income is at risk, but also our own life and our safety,” Mr. Pelais pointed out.