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Serious work accident - victim undergoes surgery

work accident
31 Jan 2021 / 09:53

CORFU. The Labour Centre and Corfu Union of Private Employees announced that there was a serious work accident at a supermarket in San Rocco Square where renovation work was being carried out.

According to the announcements there was a work accident at the Dimitra supermarket in San Rocco Square on Friday while renovation work was being carried out.

A worker, aged about 60, from the private contractors carrying out the work fell several metres onto shelves full of products when part of the roof collapsed. The accident happened at around 14:00 when the supermarket was open and had customers inside!

The worker was taken to hospital with fractures and, according to information received, underwent surgery. Acording to the announcements from the unions he is uninsured.

In its announcement the Labour Centre says that there weren't proper safety measures in place and that there were attempts to cover up the accident. It has requested information as to what is being done by the hospital administration, the police, Epirus KEPEK (Occupational Risk Prevention Centre) and the Prosecutor in order for those responsible to be punished. It has also requested that he be insured if he is not insured and that his employer cover his health costs and provide compensation for the period that he can't work due to the accident.

It concludes by saying, "We demand that Epirus KEPEK carries out widespread inspections (in the presence of union members) of all the sites in Corfu where old buildings are being renovated in order to prevent further crimes by employers."