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Record-breaking number of international passenger arrivals at Corfu Airport in October

Corfu Airport
14 Nov 2023 / 10:51

CORFU. The number of arrivals broke last year΄s record.

International passenger traffic at Corfu Airport in October managed to break last year's record.

The "closure" of the tourist season (there were still some flights until November 11) continued the good streak in the previous months.

According to arrival and departure data published by Fraport Greece, 315,646 visitors from abroad passed through Corfu Airport in October, compared to 275,757 in the same month last year - an increase of 14.5%.

132,420 international passengers arrived at Corfu Airport compared to 115,260 in October 2022. As for international flights, they showed an increase of 4.2%, with 2,169 compared to 2,081.

2022 figures exceeded


From the beginning of the year until October 31, a total of 3,690,520 passengers from abroad (arrivals and departures) passed through Corfu Airport, showing an 8.6% increase compared to the corresponding period in 2022 (3,398,851 international passengers). According to arrival and departure data from Fraport, although international flights only recorded a marginal increase of 2.7%, reaching 24,991 compared to 24,345 in 2022, the occupancy rates were higher.

Another interesting fact is that compared to October 2019, there is a significant increase (40.1%) in international visitors, with passengers (arrivals-departures) totaling 315,646 compared to 225,290, and flights totaling 2,169 compared to 1,691 (an increase of 28.3%).


Top five

The UK maintains the top spot in foreign passenger traffic for the month of October, establishing themselves as the biggest tourist market for Corfu. In the month of October, 59,500 UK tourists arrived. Germany follows in second place (41,453), with a significant gap, while the third position is held by Poland (6,179). France comes next (5,449), and the top five is completed by Italy (2,625).