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8% increase in international flight arrivals at Corfu Airport in June

29 Jun 2023 / 12:23

CORFU. UK remains well ahead of other countries at the top of the list.

June ends tomorrow with an 8% increase in international flight arrivals at Corfu Airport.

According to Dimitris Roussos, President of Corfu Civil Aviation Authority Employees Union, a total of 1,977 commercial flights from abroad have arrived, including the 78 flights scheduled for tomorrow. Compared to June 2022, there has been an increase of 150 flights, with 1,827 flights being recorded last year.


UK no. 1 again

The British remain in the lead with 698 flights (+98 flights), followed by Germany in second place with 363 flights (+22 flights). Italy is third with 182 flights, followed by Poland in fourth place with 138 flights. The top five is completed by the Czech Republic with 91 flights.

France, with a slight decrease of 15 flights, ranks sixth with 77 flights. Austria follows in seventh place with 44 flights, while Belgium takes eighth position with 43 flights. Israel, with an increase of 15 flights, is ninth with a total of 41 flights. Hungary and Romania share tenth position with 37 flights each.