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Protest about Lefkimmi Health Centre΄s state of disrepair

Lefkimmi Health Centre
14 Nov 2023 / 18:43

CORFU. The protest was held by the South Corfu Laiki Sispirosi party led by Stamatis Pelais.

The South Corfu Laiki Sispirosi party held a protest on Tuesday morning about the Lefkimmi Health Centre's state of disrepair.

Members of the party gathered outside the building with banners in hand calling for a modern National Health System for the needs of the residents.

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The protest was organised in response to the dangerous main entrance of the building which resulted in access being denied from it until it is demolished and restored.

The party is calling for a complete renovation of the facility in terms of infrastructure, equipment and medical staff.

As the leader of the party Stamatis Pelais told Enimerosi, the protests for a modern, public, free and upgraded Health Centre with state funding to meet the primary health care needs of the people of South Corfu, will be escalating in the coming period.