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South Corfu Laiki Sispirosi party to hold another protest at Lefkimmi Health Centre

Lefkimmi Health Centre
27 Nov 2023 / 19:58

LEFKIMMI. They demand the repair of the building, as well as medical staff and equipment.

South Corfu Laiki Sispirosi party is organising another protest on Wednesday 29 November outside the Lefkimmi Health Centre, demanding its upgrade when it comes to infrastructure, staffing and equipment in order to provide better health care services to the residents of the area.

The protest demonstration will take place at 10:00, as part of the 48-hour nationwide Hellenic Federation of Hospital Doctors' Unions (OENGE) strike on 29 and 30 November, calling for measures to support hospitals and health centres, with emphasis on recruitment and funding.

"We have no other way, we have no other choice but to fight for the life we deserve. We will participate in the 48-hour nationwide protest for health and take to the streets for our country, our health and our lives. Primary health care and prevention is non-existent in our area. The Health Centre building is ready to collapse and is falling apart due to shortages in staff and infrastructure," said the Laiki Sispirosi municipal councillor Tasos Kapodistrias in a press conference.

Photo: Enimerosi

About two weeks ago, the main entrance of the Lefkimmi Health Centre was sealed as the roof was dangerous. This incident is just another one of the problems the building already had, which although it has been included in the plan for complete renovation and upgrading through the Recovery Fund, the tender has not yet been announced by TAIPED.

At the same time, Mr. Kapodistrias also talked about the fact that even for simple examinations one has to go off the island, while patients are still being transferred in the back of trucks.


Full of rubbish

He also referred to the major issue that has arisen with the collection of waste in the South Corfu Municipality, resulting in tons of rubbish piled up on the roads. "They did not have time to "turn off the lights" of tourism development and elections, and South Corfu is alone and faced with the awful reality imposed on it. The Region, the Municipality and the contractors are playing with millions and drowning the people in rubbish. The government, our ministers and MPs announce every three and a half years projects that never get started. South Corfu has become full of rubbish, with the regional and local government being responsible for it," he added.