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Five in court for obstruction of work in Erimitis

06 May 2022 / 14:59

CORFU. Corfu Three-Member Magistrates Court continues to examine the 2017 Erimitis case.

In 2017 local authority representatives and local residents obstructed the work that the investing company was attempting to carry out inErimitis.

Five people appeared in court today following the suit filed by NCH Capital on charges of "interfering in their service duties in order to cause harm."

The case concerns alleged attempts to open paths in the Erimitis area in August, 2017 and obstruction of the work by the former president of Sinies Local Council and current North Corfu Deputy Mayor T. Mavronas, former Corfu Deputy Mayor V. Kaloudis, Erimitis Plus members Pettros Petropoulos and Dimitris Fatiras and former Mayor K. Nikolouzos.

The local authority and organisation representatives claim that the work was being carried out on municipal paths and that they had asked that the work cease immediately.