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Go-ahead given for marina at Erimitis

03 Jul 2023 / 11:04

CORFU. The project will accompany the construction of a hotel and accommodation.

Pending the decision of the Council of State, to which the Municipality of North Corfu has appealed for the cancellation of the urban planning studies of the investment, and while the land works have essentially been frozen, the Decentralised Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Islands has approved the construction of a marina at Eremithis in Agios Stefanos, Sinies.

The approval decision specifies that the area where the works will be carried out will remain public and will be freely accessible to all citizens.

The project, which is already provided for as an accompanying measure in the initial decision of the overall investment, will cost €8.2m including VAT and will have a capacity for 57 recreational vessels of various categories.

It will be created in a land area of ​​5,110.62 sq.m. - after the reclamation of a portion of the sea area of ​​3,319.51 sq.m. - and a sea area of ​​37,894 sq.m., as an accompanying tourist harbour facility in a tourist-resort village (a complex of luxury residences and a five-star hotel) which will be developed at the same location.

The project includes the following:

1. Construction of a precast jetty with a total length of 280m and a mixed cross-section.

2. Construction of a subsea jetty with a length of 52m and a width of 8m for two lanes of vehicle traffic, consisting of a revetment with reinforced cellular artificial boulders and an on-site cast-in-place superstructure, in accordance with the specifications of the relevant study. The construction of a head pier is planned for vehicle manoeuvers, as well as for the installation of a fuel station and the collection of sewage and oily residues, taking all the fire safety measures required by the relevant regulations into account. It also includes the installation of a navigational beacon in accordance with the instructions of the Lighthouse Service of the Hellenic Navy.

3. Construction of coastal revetments with a total length of 147m using solid artificial boulders, which also includes the creation of a ramp with a width of 6m and a length of 26m for the lifting/lowering of small vessels, according to the specifications of the relevant study.

4. Placement of a floating pier with a total length of 40m, perpendicular to the coastal revetment, consisting of floating elements according to the specifications of the relevant study. Access will be provided via a special bridge (gangway), and the installation of utility towers for electricity, water, and telephone services is planned to serve the moored vessels, as well as the installation of firefighting hydrants, in accordance with the applicable specifications.

5. Formation of an embankment along the coast with a length of 80m to accommodate the access road to the harbour facility, using external reinforcement of natural boulders, in accordance with the specifications of the relevant study.

6. Placement of mooring bollards and creation of permanent anchorages in suitable positions, according to the specifications of the relevant study.

7. Dredging operations in accordance with the relevant study and the terms of the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision.

8. Installation of metal fuel tanks in a properly configured underground space, according to the specifications of the relevant study.

Additionally, the following terms and conditions are highlighted:

• The terms and conditions specified in the relevant decision approving the environmental conditions and in the opinions of the competent bodies must be adhered to.

• The works to be carried out within the maritime zone defined by the relevant decision belong to the Public Sector, without any obligation to provide compensation.

• The area in which the works will be carried out should remain public and be freely accessible to all citizens.

• The management body of the tourist harbour facility, according to the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision, is obliged to monitor the proper execution of the works in collaboration with the competent port authority and report any documented violation to the Regional Land Office of Corfu, where applicable.