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17 Sep 2023 / 12:22
"Erimitis afterwards, examining the idea of a Biopark"

CORFU. "Can a protected area, a public resource, like Erimitis, serve as a catalyst for society΄s transition to a sustainable future?"

03 Jul 2023 / 11:49
Go-ahead given for marina at Erimitis

CORFU. The project will accompany the construction of a hotel and accommodation.

01 Jun 2023 / 23:13
Council of State: Giorgos Kaloudis΄ legal positions on Erimitis

CORFU. The Court granted an extension until 9 June 2023 to lodge any statements of case and additional evidence.

29 May 2023 / 11:01
Council of State to adjudicate on application for annulment of building permits for Erimitis on 31 May

CORFU. Application by the Municipality of North Corfu for the annulment of the studies.

15 Feb 2023 / 14:40
Erimitis court case postponed for a month

ATHENS. The lawyer for the Municipality Giorgos Kaloudis said they needed more time to prepare.

13 Feb 2023 / 19:53
Application for annulment of building permits in Erimitis to be heard on Wednesday

CORFU. Application by the North Corfu Municipality for the annulment of the road elevation studies approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

23 Nov 2022 / 21:51
Hearing of application for annulment of building permits in Erimitis postponed

CORFU. The discussion was to take place today in the Fifth Chamber of the Council of State.

02 Nov 2022 / 21:24
Application for annulment of building permits in Erimitis to be heard in November

CORFU. NCH Capital΄s CEO Andreas Santis spoke to Kathimerini newspaper about the Kassiopi Project.

21 Jun 2022 / 13:10
NCH MD denies that they are selling Erimitis

CORFU. "The ΄news΄ that was announced on a TV channel is completely false," says NCH managing director Andreas Santis.

13 Jun 2022 / 19:08
‘Erimitis: The future of the ecosystem’

By Dimitris Fatiras, President of the ‘Erimitis Plous’ Association.

09 May 2022 / 19:39
Erimitis Plus: Court΄s decision was a ‘slap in the face’ for NCH

CORFU. “The attempt to criminalise the fight for Erimitis has failed”.

06 May 2022 / 16:43
Five defendants found not guilty of obstructing work in Erimitis

CORFU. Corfu Three-Member Magistrates Court found the five defendants not guilty today.

06 May 2022 / 15:06
Five in court for obstruction of work in Erimitis

CORFU. Corfu Three-Member Magistrates Court continues to examine the 2017 Erimitis case.

24 Sep 2021 / 16:22
Sit-down protest in Annunziata Square for Erimitis

CORFU. The protest was held by members of the ΄Fridays for Future Corfu΄ movement.

10 Sep 2021 / 12:32
Erimitis treks this Sunday

CORFU. Two treks in the virgin ecosystem of Erimitis on Sunday 21 September.

20 Aug 2021 / 12:36
North Corfu’s beauty attracting investors

CORFU. New hotel units, renovations of old ones, villas and boutique hotels make up the scenery.

23 Jul 2021 / 17:40
Νew “Erimitis Plus” Board of Directors to request a Prosecutor’s investigation

CORFU. Unanimous decision from the General Meeting - New Board of Directors from Saturday 24 July.