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Performances at Mon Repos Theatre cancelled until 5 August

Mon Repos Theatre
27 Jul 2021 / 12:44

CORFU. Agreement has not been reached with regard to putting on performances at an indoor venue.

The president of Corfu DIAPETHE (Municipal & Regional Theatres) Panayiota Tzanne told Enimerosi that, based on the current situation, performances will be cancelled until 5 August.

The report from the Planning Department is expected today and Deputy Mayor for Planning Dimitris Katehis told Enimerosi that he believed the necessary technical work at the Mon Repos Theatre won't take longer than 10 days.

Statement from president of Corfu DIAPETHE Panayiota Tzanne:

Taking into account all the new data that has emerged due to the current technical issues at Mon Repos “Rena Vlachopoulou” Theatre, and the immediate response of Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal administration, and having found that there are no suitable outdoor venues to hold the scheduled performances, Corfu DIAPETHE was able to arrange to hold the scheduled events from 27 July to 5 August at the Municipal Theatre - the most suitable venue at the moment.

In order to ensure that performances can be conducted smoothly, we have been in direct contact with the performers, explaining that for reasons of force majeure we have resorted to the solution of hosting the performances at the Municipal Theatre.

Unfortunately, however, this solution did not meet with a positive response from the vast majority of the producers.

We are, therefore, in the unfortunate position of having to announce the cancellation of all scheduled events.

Panayiota Tzanne
President, Corfu DIAPETHE