Meropi Ydraiou requests cooperation from businesses for smooth Easter

Meropi Ydraiou requests cooperation from businesses for smooth Easter

CORFU. Removal of tables and chairs - Respect for religious events.

Απριλίου / 2022

In a letter to Corfu Catering Association, Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou is requesting cooperation and due respect for Easter events. She says that they must ensure tables and chairs do not cause an obstruction and help the religious events run smoothly.

Meropi Ydraiou's letter:

"With this letter, I would like to ask you, in order to ensure that Easter events run smoothly, to inform all your board members and all members in general, who are catering professionals, of the need to remove tables and chairs from spots where processions will pass by so that there are no obstructions for both the processions and those watching them.

I would also like to draw your attention to the respect that all of us need to show over these holy days and the decency and devotion that we should have towards the religious events and our local customs.

Maintaining a good image of our island at this difficult time will without doubt come from a collective effort and the cooperation of all the local productive sectors. To this end, I hope that all professionals on the island will make the greatest possible effort not only not to obstruct but to contribute to the events running smoothly in a climate of harmony, empathy and brotherhood.

I wish you all a Happy Easter with the hope that the Light of the Resurrection brings health, peace and love to all the world."