Catering establishments closed today

Catering establishments closed today

CORFU. With just a few exceptions, all catering establishments in Corfu are closed today.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

The Panhellenic Federation of Restaurant & Related Professions (POESE) is protesting throughout Greece today demanding support measures for those working in the sector.

Their resolution will be presented by a representation to the Prime Minister on the same day at 12:00.

Businesses are protesting against the Covid measures which have hit the sector hard, especially the latest measures regarding unvaccinated customers.

POESE demands:

- Readjustment of fines and shifting of burden to offender as well.
- Refundable deposit made NON-refundable.
- Participation in decision-making committees.
- Power and rent subsidies.
- Subsidy for employer contributions or suspension of work contracts.
- Exemption from municipal payments
- Reduction of VAT to 6%
- Continuation of subsidies for loan repayments.
- New funding similar to that for 2020 and early 2021.

Structural measures

1. Special Secretariat or Catering Chamber
2. Resolution of employee costs with special modifications of distortions in employment legislation which don't take into account the high level of extra costs in the sector (nights, holidays, weekends) and its unique circumstances.
3. Rationalisation of the sector with structural reforms.

Photos: Enimerosi